“Do not take your shoes off at the temple door. Your journey is longer, more difficult, more beautiful than that.”

—Judith Adams, Crossing the Line

My Coaching Process

Strategic Crossroads employs an integral approach to whole-being development. Integral coaching includes all aspects of personal development – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. This holistic approach provides an opening for powerful change and growth in individuals and in organizations.

Coaching plans involve a minimum of three to 12 months and include developmental coaching sessions, shadow coaching, and periodic reassessment of progress. My coaching process includes the following steps:
1. After an initial conversation to determine a client/coach fit, I will have an in-depth conversation to understand you and your organization, your needs, and your background and behaviors. I may also utilize different leadership assessment tools including 360 degree feedback processes, MBTI and Enneagram. 
2. Next, I will create a customized Integral Coaching Plan that involves exploration through reflection exercises and practices to create new perspectives and shifts in behaviors.
3. Developmental coaching sessions are normally held once per week to start and taper off over time.

When choosing a coach, it’s important to understand my philosophy and values.  Please contact me to learn more, or to schedule a free consultation.

Developing Conscious Leaders

Leadership coaching is always aligned to support the organization’s strategies – often to build a conscious culture – and results in deep levels of self change and transformation. Why hire a leadership coach? Here are some common reasons:

Leading a Conscious Business

Leadership coaching to create a conscious business starts with you.  When you shift your behaviors, it creates cascading events that shift behaviors across your organization.

  1. The first step is to understand your vision for a conscious business and to understand where your organization is in and out of alignment.
  2. Next, I assess the impact of your actions on your employees and your organization, and your organization’s actions on society.
  3. Third, I create a customized coaching plan for you to gain the best results for both you personally and for your organization. Very often coaching for ‘Leading a Conscious Business’ involves organizational consulting in conjunction with your coaching plan.

Building Authentic Leadership Capabilities

Authentic Leadership Coaching involves understanding your strengths and the behavior patterns that get in the way of you being your authentic self in attaining your goals.  For leaders who desire to:

  • Rekindle your sense of passion, meaning, and purpose.
  • Create a stronger leadership presence and achieve personal mastery to reach your full growth potential.
  • Understand your best strengths and how to best leverage them with confidence.
  • Inspire positive change.
  • Develop a courageous communication style that builds unity across your organization (speaking, listening, writing, and non-verbal).
  • Master self awareness and increase your focus.
  • Understand and improve the positive impact you have on others.
  • Assist in mentoring new leaders in your organization.
  • Learn how to handle difficult conversations and transform conflicts.

Building New Skills or Addressing Performance Review Issues

This coaching involves a development plan to assess what you do well and identify performance improvement opportunities. I focus on helping you understand your behaviors, and show you how to shift them to be more successful.  In identifying and building specific new skills supportive to your goals, this coaching is ideal for managers who:

  • Are in line for promotions through succession planning and have the desire to build new skills in specific areas.
  • Are moving up rapidly in their organization and need to gain a greater understanding of their own leadership strengths and challenges in becoming a high-performing and authentic leader.
  • Need to develop new skills/behaviors to address specific performance issues.
  • Need to increase their ability to manage difficult issues outside their direct control.

Professional Renewal

Employee burnout is increasing in corporate environments and can impact a person’s creativity, performance, personal life, their team and organization’s results.  Very often, only a short period of time working with me can create shifts towards a healthy realignment. Professional Renewal coaching:

  • Focuses on working with leaders to increase integral levels of performance (mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) and improve their ability to recognize their sources of resilience, confidence, and balance in the midst of pressure and challenging work environments.
  • Works well for leaders involved in career changes and in learning how to navigate complex structure job changes.

Additional Information

For additional information on our coaching process please download our coaching brochure (pdf).

Please contact us to learn more, or to schedule a free consultation.

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