“In working with Lynda, the processes we have worked through have been effective but the outcomes – the changes in my life - are what truly excite me and what have made our work together so meaningful.  I am more complete, balanced, confident, joyful and most importantly – healthy – as a result of my discoveries in working with Lynda.  I see the Senior Team I lead more at ease, yet more committed to excellence because of the changes I have made – which have impacted them.  The organization I lead looks very different today… fresher, friendlier, fun, productive … I’ve changed and that has changed my organization.   That would sum up the value of my work with Lynda.”
—Anne Rieck McFarland, President and CEO, South Dakota ACHIEVE

“Serving as an inspiring consulstant, Lynda helped our team clarify our current situation, articulate our strengths, and focus on a few critical areas.  Lynda has the capacity for profound understanding on both the personal and professional levels and a grounded, pragmatic approach to moving forward which have been of great value.”
—Peter Neidecker, Executive Director, FXB International

“I began working with Lynda to assess ways to improve my work performance and my ability to step into my authentic self.  What I received was a deep understanding of myself – an understanding of what I was hiding from and unwilling to acknowledge that kept me from living my life to the fullest.  I am NOW much more aware, appreciative, balanced, and creating the true success I deserve.  Appreciatively…
—Nurse Practitioner, New York

“We just completed our review with our National Accreditation Body and one of their primary focuses was organizational systems; including our strategic plan.  We got HIGH PRAISE from our review team about the plan.  In fact, they commented that this was the best visionary plan they had ever seen.  We couldn’t have done it without your guidance and assistance, Lynda.  I just wanted you to be aware of the positive impact of your work with us.”
—Anne Rieck McFarland, President and CEO, South Dakota ACHIEVE

“We exceeded more than I hoped for; good honest communication; open sharing and trust.  Our customer EVP said great things about the organization and planning of this meeting event and the ability to deliver a specific roadmap and two-month action plan.  Great Job!”
—Fortune 100 Client Business Manager

“I’m tremendously excited about the task in front of us, and the impact that [the] strategic plan that we’ve created will have in catapulting our organization into a trusted advisor role with our clients.”
—Fortune 100 EVP Sales

“Our annual conference attracts over 200 nonprofit staff and board members and every year we try to enhance the experience of connecting to others in meaningful ways. Just as we got interested in the World Café process, we fortuitously encountered Lynda and her amazing wealth of experience. She jumped in and helped guide our thinking of the event overall, helped us to structure it to get the most out of it, and tuned it to the critical issues nonprofits were facing. The afternoon of the World Café, Lynda led a roomful of initially skeptical participants in a motivating, engaging event. We benefited greatly from Lynda’s wise and patient counsel and her commitment to our success.”
—Lynn Hoffman, Executive Director, Idaho Nonprofit Center

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