“Be a Stand For - Stand up and make the world a better place..”

Making a Personal Difference

In my personal and business life, I always strive to make a difference for something bigger than myself. And as I’ve traveled the world, I’ve had the opportunity to experience the true beauty of nature, the warmth, love, and connectedness of many people from different cultures, and the many incredibly good things happening all around the globe.

And yet, all around us are issues such as poverty, terrorism, political unrest, and environmental concerns that capture the headlines and the majority of our attention. We tend to focus building up these issues, creating dramas that can keep us stuck, rather than looking at our world as an integrated whole and being grateful for the goodness that is all around us – and in giving back and helping where we can.  We are at a turning point in our consciousness – shifting from dramatizing what isn’t working to supporting causes for good.

This is why I dedicate a portion of my time in Strategic Crossroads to offering business consulting and coaching to non-profit organizations, and why I support organizations such as FOUR YEARS and the Pachamama Alliance. GOFOUR YEARS. GO. is a campaign to catalyze and empower a fundamental shift in the direction of humanity, inspire collaborative action, connect individuals and organizations, and amplify best practices and successes. I encourage you to take a look at their video and sign up.

We each have gifts we can offer to make to improve the conditions of Earth and all people.  Whether we’re supporting our local communities or volunteering at the global level, working together we can make a difference.  Here are a couple additional non-profit organizations Lynda and Strategic Crossroads supports:

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