“Good thoughts are no better than good dreams, unless they are executed.”

—Fred Kofman, Conscious Business

Managing Productive Collaborations

Meetings are an important venue in business where people can collaborate to deliver superior business results. Yet in most businesses, meetings are managed poorly. We work on behavior and process levels to create productive and collaborative meetings and we can work with you in several ways including:

  • Facilitate meetings for you
  • Provide training for your meeting facilitators
  • Shadow meeting leaders and offer feedback for improvements
  • Provide Graphic Facilitation resources
  • Provide training for successful virtual meetings

Improve Your Meeting Results

Improve your meeting management with our proven processes by:

  • Designing meeting structures and agendas with clear meeting purpose and expected results.
  • Clarifying your decision making process.
  • Managing meetings that stay on target.
  • Implementing divergent/convergent processes to increase innovation and idea generation.
  • Managing conflict and difficult people by surfacing ‘invisible and un-discussable’ elements.
  • Creating clear team member roles and expectations.
  • Capturing action steps, align commitment to outcomes, and create effective follow-up.
  • Shadowing leadership and offering feedback for improvements.
  • Providing Graphic Facilitation resources.
  • Providing processes for successful virtual meetings.

Large Group Meeting Management & Facilitation

Ideal for board meetings, community stakeholder meetings, company change forums, and high-impact team-building events - we are very skilled in working with you to design and facilitate your large group forums and events.  In large group facilitation, we utilize:

  • An Appreciative Inquiry process to move beyond problem solving to envisioning what is possible.
  • Dialogue processes, World Café processes, and open space methodologies to increase group collaboration and constructive conversation and involvement to achieve your event success.
  • Conflict transformation processes to work through conflict and maintain high energy.

Additional Information

For additional information please download our meeting and facilitation brochure (pdf).

Please contact us to learn more, or to schedule a free consultation.

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