“The key capacity needed for leaders right now is the capacity to enact new realities.”

—Joe Jaworski Author of Synchronicity

My Overall Consulting Process

Organizations are integral in nature. Therefore, the first step in working with you is to gain a holistic understanding of your business opportunities, challenges, and the real systems, processes, and culture that drive your company’s performance.

First, we gain an understanding of what you would like to improve, change, or create.  Following our analysis—which may include leadership assessments, interviews, surveys, and executive dialogue conversations—we provide a summary of our findings, including gaps and recommended strategies to close them. We’ll work with you to create a customized solutions plan that meets your needs.  Solutions could include a combination of leadership/team coaching, targeted business consulting, meeting facilitation, and training workshops. We can provide targeted consulting solutions, one-on-one coaching solutions with executives, or work with boards/committees and intact teams.

Strategic Planning & Implementation

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
—Peter Drucker

A good strategic plan sets one strong foundation for your organization’s success. We support planning for a new strategic plan, a change in direction, planning for a new innovation, collaborative partner plans, as well as facilitation of post-meeting action plans to ensure effective implementation. We work with organizational leaders to:

  • Identify cultural barriers to successful planning and effective implementation.
  • Assist you in creating a dynamic shared vision for our company.
  • Implement a creative and collaborative Strategic Planning processes that results in an easy-to-communicate Strategic Roadmap that can be cascaded to operational plans. A part of this process includes gaining organizational commitment and how to passionately engage teams in successful planning and implementation.
  • Create organizational alignment around the few most important goals rather than separate silo plans.
  • Accelerate speed of decision making and implementation of your plans.
  • Increase motivation and accountability to your plans throughout your organization.

Additional Information

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