“In order for business to really work, you must create value for all stakeholders – you cannot look at anyone individually – in isolation. The job of leadership is to figure out how to align the interests of all stakeholders and to get them to go in the same direction.”

—Edward Freeman, Darden School of Business

Valuing Every Stakeholder

We all understand the value of managing our customer, employee and investor stakeholders. But what about your value chain partners? What’s their impact? How do your employees link to your value chain partners and what impact do your value chain partners have on your customers’ satisfaction?  And lastly, what impact does your value chain have on the environment - on your community and on society?  All the stakeholders in your business are interconnected and aligning stakeholder interests can result in greater success for your organization and in innovative solutions for societal issues.

Your value chain represents a web of interconnected organizations that can transform the way you do business. When you think about your value chain differently, you can solve societal and environmental issues and significantly increase your productivity.  Taking a Shared Value perspective, you can:

  • Transform your products and services to better meet customer needs. 
  • Approach societal issues from a shared value perspective and invent new ways of operating to address them. 
  • Reduce your overall environmental footprint by working with value chain partners to create new ways to reduce your use of energy and logistics, and your utilization of water, raw materials, and packaging.

Value Chain Alignment, Innovation & Partnership Management

A value chain is the large eco system that encompasses all your company’s stakeholders, from your employees, partners, suppliers, industry participants, investors, and your community.  Creating alignment across your value chain is essential for Conscious Businesses.  Strategic Crossroads has extensive experience in working with companies to redefine value chain productivity, to map the gaps and opportunities that result in increased value for your company and your value chain partners' companies, and to reduce societal issues created by your value chain.  We can work with you to align value chain partners to:

  • Create a shared value culture that builds relationships to create new innovation to address societal issues.
  • Improve your 'total' customer experience.
  • Optimize cross-organizational processes to greatly improve your productivity.
  • Leverage strategic partners to create innovative products/services that meet customer and societal needs. 
  • Redesign your value chain to improve your environmental footprint in the use of natural resources, health and safety, working conditions, waste, and community impact.  
  • Generate increased employee productivity.  When employees are innovative and happy at work, they are more creative, listen to and treat customers better.

Additional Information

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