“When I dream alone, it’s just a dream. When we dream together, it is the beginning of reality.”

—H.E. Luccock

Improving Team Performance - COMPASS Team Leadership Coaching Program

The COMPASS Team Leadership Coaching Program is intended expressly for senior leaders who require a rapid boost in both team and individual performance simultaneously.  COMPASS addresses a vexing problem for executives:  how to create high value results from mission-critical teams that are hampered both by team and individual performance problems.  The COMPASS program is for executive teams who are experiencing any of the following:

» Must improve company performance during challenging economic times,
» Are experiencing high levels of stress and team dysfunction, 
» Lack alignment in their workforce; where trust, inspiration, and creativity is eroding, 
» Are experiencing ineffective team decision making and lack follow through on their decisions,
» Lack clear team values, trust, and commitment.
» Are not leveraging the strengths of every team member to increase their success
» Are having difficulty communicating effectively.

The COMPASS program provides face-to-face team shadow coaching, team assessments and teamwork competency building along with coaching programs for individual team members including individual assessments and team feedback.  Both the team coaching and individual coaching are aligned to clear organizational goals and measures and are focused to create positive behavior shifts.

Why is COMPASS different?  We integrate the core program elements of team coaching and individual coaching and work at the behavioral level with both individuals and with the team so that results can be achieved more quickly and sustained long term.  We have over 40 years of combined business consulting expereince and have successfully confronted challenging team issues as business leaders ourselves.  We provide excellent team facilitation and are certified in executive coaching, team communications, and other leadership competencies.

Launching New Organization or Project Teams with our Quick-Start Team Process

Launching new teams within companies is often challenging. A good team launch process can often make the difference between the success and failure of new initiatives and can greatly impact the timeliness and quality of team results. We have extensive experience in team start-ups and a Quick-Start Team Process that can accelerate your team’s success. Our Quick-Start Team Process involves:

  • Facilitating team project planning to overcome key project barriers.
  • Defining team values, operating principles, decision making processes.
  • Reaching team agreement on the project purpose, objectives, desired results and project metrics.
  • Creating clear alignment around team roles and communication expectations.
  • Conducting a stakeholder map to effectively manage team and project relationships.
  • Creating a solid plan of action and follow-up reporting and review processes.
  • Establishing a good operating model and governance structure for effective implementation

Additional Information

For additional information please download our team COMPASS coaching brochure (pdf).

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