"Strategic Crossroads made a significant difference in my career.  I was asked to meet with Lynda by a fellow owner of our company.  I did not understand what a coach would do for me.  I have an MBA and attended several leadership courses over the years.  I had started this company from the ground up and had been turning a profit the whole time.  I went into the coaching with the attitude that I had no choice, but to complete this training because I was told to.  After the second visit I realized that this was the first time in my life I had an advocate for just me.  A person that had my sole interest in mind regardless of what the end looked like.  The result, I see a clear future for me and for the company I lead.  Profits more than doubled and we have enjoyed constant growth since my coaching occurred.  I will be forever grateful for the time I enjoyed with my coach, Lynda.  I highly recommend Strategic Crossroads and have encouraged fellow colleges to do the same.  They now agree with me that coaching does make a difference."
-Shawn Reeder, PE Performance Engineers, LLC

"I always viewed myself as a good manager and a good leader.  I am successful in my career and have an incredible family with an amazing support system.  Though viewed as successful, most of my career I have been overwhelmed with work, home, and the daily challenge of holding them all together.  My time with Lynda came at a good time in my life.  My feeling of being overwhelmed brought many challenges, most of which came to light as being unnecessary.  Working with Lynda changed how I perceived my work and home life, and gave me the tools to approach them differently.  Our work together was difficult at times, but full of self-discovery and was rewarding beyond my expectations.  How I approach the people on my team, my family, and my friends was forever changed.  Lynda was able to help me discover more of my potential opening up more opportunity in every facet of my life.  Her expertise and experience brought so much value to me and our organization that she has become a standard.  She now has worked with four people on our team- all who have surpassed expectations." 
Operations Manager

"Lynda Davis profoundly impacted my professional journey during my early tenure as a developing professional in a distribution company.  I entered our coaching program as a high ego driven manager.  Lynda is a seasoned professional with a wide business acumen and she was able to quickly grab my attention and earn my trust.  She has an incredible gift of intuition which she respectfully uses to challenge you to go deeper.  I credit Lynda with heightening my awareness regarding a number of temperament related obstacles; uncovering how my ego was getting in the way of being an effective leader.  This was especially timely as it allowed me to better acclimate to my new role and company.  We are all on a journey, but I feel better equipped and effective in my current role based upon the coaching I received.  I personally recommend her coaching services for any professional looking to further develop their effectiveness as a leader.  Thank you, Lynda!   
-Steve Castle, Director of Operations, Tri-State Wholesale Flooring"

"In working with Lynda, the processes we have worked through have been effective but the outcomes – the changes in my life - are what truly excite me and what have made our work together so meaningful.  I am more complete, balanced, confident, joyful and most importantly – healthy – as a result of my discoveries in working with Lynda.  I see the Senior Team I lead more at ease, yet more committed to excellence because of the changes I have made – which have impacted them.  The organization I lead looks very different today… fresher, friendlier, fun, productive … I've changed and that has changed my organization.   That would sum up the value of my work with Lynda." 
—Anne Rieck McFarland, President and CEO, South Dakota ACHIEVE

"Lynda Davis is an expert in executive coaching and development. Her coaching style is extremely personal, honest, compassionate and powerful. Lynda's business experience allowed her to easily relate to the challenges I faced in the corporate environment. Her coaching enabled me to understand the leadership skills which I needed to strengthen as well as recognize my blind spots. With her support, I was able to take my career to the next level. Words can't describe how grateful I am to her for changing my life!"  
C Level Manager
Fortune 500 Company

"I first met Lynda Davis at a strategic planning session she was moderating for a large nonprofit in, of which I was a board member.  I was made aware of her providing 'Executive Coaching' to the CEO, whom I knew well......that person had glowing remarks about Lynda's talent in planning and coaching.  I engaged Lynda to 'coach' the number 2 person in our company to assist him in our transition from an entrepreneurial management model (me being the entrepreneur) to a management team model.  He excelled under her guidance and counsel both professionally and personally.  Due to that success, I asked Lynda to 'coach' the other members of our management team – our head of accounting, director of finance, director of operations and, most recently, our director of sales.  Her work with our management team and me has made our team more dynamic, flexible, open and interactive.  We certainly have improvements to make but our company is being managed better, resulting in higher performance since we have engaged Lynda Davis.  We are fortunate to have had (and still benefit from) her talented counsel."
John Rozell, CEO
Tri-State Wholesale Flooring, Inc. 

"With great pleasure I would like to highly recommend Lynda Davis and Strategic Crossroads in regards to her guidance as a professional executive coach.  My entire life I have been in sales, with the last thirty plus years dedicated sale lumber products to skilled professionals.  The realization that I was struggling with the day to day processes in my business and personal life was becoming increasingly evident and overwhelming.  Fortunately, I was introduced to Lynda Davis  by highly respected business associate. 
Lynda's expertise has helped me immensely.  She has been able to help me by refocusing on the foundation of my being, who I am and who I strive to be.  Lynda has taught me how to use multiple strategic processes, and has given the tools and skills needed to again excel.   Lynda has shared with me her vast experience and knowledge. This has resulted in the creation of deeper personal connections and positive relationships. Her guidance has improved my ability convey my needs and expectations with family, employees, and business associates as well.  As a result, I have experienced tremendous growth in all facets of my life.  My relationships with my family are stronger than ever.  My work environment and business relations are increasingly positive as well. The time I have spent with Lynda certainly helped me become a more productive, positive and compassionate person. The result has allowed me to experience and enjoy a much more fulfilling and higher quality of life."
 Kirk Erb
Senior Sales Staff
Idaho Pacific Lumber Co Inc.

"We just completed our review with our National Accreditation Body and one of their primary focuses was organizational systems; including our strategic plan.  We got HIGH PRAISE from our review team about the plan.  In fact, they commented that this was the best visionary plan they had ever seen.  We couldn't have done it without your guidance and assistance, Lynda.  I just wanted you to be aware of the positive impact of your work with us." 
—Anne Rieck McFarland, President and CEO, South Dakota ACHIEVE

"Our annual conference attracts over 200 nonprofit staff and board members and every year we try to enhance the experience of connecting to others in meaningful ways. Just as we got interested in the World Café process, we fortuitously encountered Lynda and her amazing wealth of experience. She jumped in and helped guide our thinking of the event overall, helped us to structure it to get the most out of it, and tuned it to the critical issues nonprofits were facing. The afternoon of the World Café, Lynda led a roomful of initially skeptical participants in a motivating, engaging event. We benefited greatly from Lynda's wise and patient counsel and her commitment to our success."
—Lynn Hoffman, Executive Director, Idaho Nonprofit Center

"We exceeded more than I hoped for; good honest communication; open sharing and trust.  Our customer EVP said great things about the organization and planning of this meeting event and the ability to deliver a specific roadmap and two-month action plan.  Great Job!"
—Fortune 100 Client Business Manager

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