“Put your heart in your business and your business in your heart.”

—IBM Watson

Business With a Conscience

Conscious Business is an integral business model for business leaders who are aware of the impact of their actions on others. They consciously follow principles of the triple bottom line and Value Stakeholder Model to proactively align their organizations and provide positive value for their employees, business stakeholders, and the planet while creating a good short-term and long-term profit. Companies must take the lead in bringing business and society back together.

The Conscious Capital Institute defines three core principles Conscious Businesses are built on:

Principle 1: Deeper Purpose

A Conscious Business has a higher purpose that transcends profit maximization. It is clear about and focused on fulfilling that higher purpose, which evolves dynamically over time.

Principle 2: Stakeholder Orientation

A Conscious Business focuses on delivering value to all of its stakeholders and works to align the interests of customers, employees, partners, industry participants, investors, the community, and the environment to the greatest extent possible.  This is core to profitable company transformation and is accomplished through three means:  1) reconceiving products and services to best align to their customer needs, 2) redefining innovation and productivity in value chains, and 3) building supportive industry partners in your company locations.

Principle 3: Conscious Leadership

In a Conscious Business, management embodies conscious leadership and fosters it throughout the organization.  Conscious Leaders serve as stewards to the company’s deeper purpose and its stakeholders, focusing on fulfilling the company’s purpose, delivering value to its stakeholders, rather than on personal gain and self-aggrandizement.

In order to successfully achieve the above, Strategic Crossroads believes a fourth principle exists.

Principle 4: A Conscious Culture

Culture is the heartbeat of an organization and defines the way in which the organization’s values and actions come alive.  Culture creates alignment and passion around the company’s deeper purpose and provides the templates (stories, customs, values, behaviors, norms, systemic structure, and mental models) that define an organization.

Lynda Davis has had the opportunity to work with many leaders over the years – leaders who have changed their organizations to the Conscious Model.  They realize that culture influences the way people work together and that a good culture can transform their business. This change requires self-mastery at all levels of leadership.  A leader’s ideals and mental models shape a company’s values. Values shape culture. Culture shapes decisions across the company. Decisions shape actions.  Conscious actions can shape transformational changes within your company, across your stakeholders, and across our world.

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