A Strategic Shift to Conscious Business

The world is undergoing massive transformation and your business has to rise to meet the opportunity.  It is no longer enough to simply make a profit - your customers and investors expect your business or organization to add value beyond the bottom line, contribute to society, and preserve the environment.  How do these new expectations impact your business?  Are you ready to be a responsible leader capable of making a sustainable difference?  Can you lead your organization today with a clear vision of the future?

Conscious Business is a new approach to defining strategy and value within this context.  It is possible to make a profit and make a sustainable difference in our world.  Conscious business embraces these challenges and gives you the tools you need to navigate the path for measurable, sustainable success.

Strategic Crossroads, led by Lynda Davis, offers leadership coaching and business consulting to shape conscious transformation in the lives of individuals, organizations, and communities.

What Makes Strategic Crossroad's Approach Unique?

Every business organization will soon reach a crossroads to redefine their value in the new business paradigm.  What path will you take?  What will be your legacy? Strategic Crossroads can help you increase your profit while also increasing your service for good.

Lynda understands the power large companies have to improve our world. Having worked in the corporate world for 30 years, Lynda and her team understand how corporations work - the language, politics, and the bureaucracy; and most importantly how to align your company culture and processes around your customers' expectations.  She has the ability to bring forward the passion in people that unites them to achieve greatness and the business savvy, technical knowledge, customer experience expertise, and the business tools to assist you in creating positive changes in your business culture and alignment of your internal systems, value chain, and processes to meet customer needs.

Make the Shift

At Strategic Crossroads, we will work with you to shift your organization forward into profitable, sustainable and seamless futures. By utilizing our coaching and consulting services, organizations and individuals experience:

  • Service-centered purpose
  • Inspired vision
  • Authentic leadership
  • Strong values leading to a conscious culture
  • Happy employees
  • Efficient processes, systems, and structure
  • Aligned and collaborative stakeholders
  • Loyal and Satisfied Customers
  • Responsible Profit

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